søndag den 8. august 2010

Welcome to the SuperCharger Rock and Roll story Blog 2010

Loads of people have a blog. Loads of people use their blog - those as well who shouldn't. This is the SuperCharger blog and for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure hearing about SuperCharger or our music - You have come to the right place... (among others)

The reason we have made this blog is that none of our other sites really contain a suitable part for story telling. And that’s what this is about. Tales from the tour bus backseat, from the shows, from the backstage and from a regular rehearsal and about our new ideas and whatever we tend to throw ourselves into! But not as sooooo many other blogs, which contains nothing but nothing…

SuperCharger are the masters of getting into really stupid situations and making the day just a little more complicated than it really had to be. But as soon as you come to accept the fact that it is about the rock and the roll music and the kicks of being a part of the music and the band of course - these stories and situations gets really funny! And we wanna share... ;) - some of them anyway!

This SuperCharger blog will not be updated regularly as some fashion blog or alike… We update when we actually have something to write about and we promise; - IT HAPPENS… ;)

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