søndag den 12. december 2010

NEW SuperCharger Album All Done

Alcohol has finally made its return to the Studio and both our producer and co-producer seems sooooo much more friendly! 

This will probably be the last studio blog on the recording sessions of the new SuperCharger album... Which we still haven´t found out what to call... Even the tracklist is still not in position by numbers. It is quite difficult to settle on a perfect 12 songs long list, which is the best solution for the album... Damn it..;)

But we´re happy happy hippos with the result. Actually we have to wait like a week or so to hear the final mix and master of it, but the pre-mix is good and we expect that on the 17th of December 2010 we will have a new top dolla´ SuperCharger album between our greasy hands...!  


Lars Lee Lewis was the last to record some final details and we did some bar crowd yelling on a few hook lines (as Anders calls them). Those will probably hand the right feeling to the various song parts in the end...

Check out the videos ... We had to split them up into to two parts, but nevertheless some fun ones. 

We are very much looking forward to release this album. This Blog might be updated again with tittle and release info when time comes... But so far the album will be released on the 23rd of March (in Denmark) and our first single will be released already on the 24th of January... !!    -thats good news! 

...and then its time to drink a lot of beer and party harder than 2009 and 2010... New tours will also be posted here and on our FB, MS, HP... bla bla bla... 


tirsdag den 7. december 2010

Guitar sounds and finish

We are switching between vocal fills and guitar fills down at the studio these days. Time is really flying by when you´re working hard, but luckily we are just as productive. The details and the music as almost finished songs are great to hear by now and to be able to hear everything loud and clear in pre-mix goes right in the pantyhose. 

We actually should be finishing up by the mid or end of next week, but ... We´ll see. There are still various things that needs to be recorded and we haven´t even started recording the harmonica yet as well as some chorus lines.
But it´ll be fine... 

Next week also includes a photo session for the cover artwork. We have talked to our good friend Jakob Printzlau a k a PlasticKid 
Check his website www.plastickid.dk

... and he will be taking care of all artwork for the new album. Jakob has done some really original art and installation projects, both in videos and general visual works, so we are happy to have him arranging the concept for the new SuperCharger album. 

We should also soon be able to release some more details on both songs and especially title, but for now we´ll hold back on the release period till we know for sure. 

But here you have some more video from the studio, while Buggi´s guitar gently weeps....  

Remember to share our blog here with your friends, families and strange people at the supermarket... We would really appreciate it... 

torsdag den 2. december 2010

Sunrise Over ReeperBahn ...

Here´s a little something acoustic for you. The recordings session of a redneck country track for the new SuperCharger album. Buggi and Tonni P recorded this one live on some mighty fine guitars... 

At the moment and as every day go by its hard work in the studio, but due to the two master minds behind the screens, there are so much progress all the time. This album will both reply to the wicked rock ´n roll heads and to all the other various music lovers. We hope all will find something in these 12 songs that suits their rhythm and rock their socks and panties.       

Today our co-producer Anders Ringman posted the following on his Twitter/Facebook;

The forthcoming SuperCharger album (spring 2011) will surprise a LOT of people. F**kin' rock'n'roll. Pop. Delta blues. Det lyder dejligt.

-the meaning is up to your own interpretation!!! ;)

Hope you´ll enjoy it...  
The intro track "DogTown" by the way is from our debut album Handgrenade Blues

... and some silly pictures...!!!

Kristian Thomsen and Anders Ringman

... and from behind!

Mikkel spitting his guts out behind the glass... 

Takes one to know one!!! ;)

Buggi and his new metal-box with strings...

onsdag den 1. december 2010

Vocal Spits in the Studio ... Check the video boys and sweets...

Mikkel is spitting his vocals this week in the studio with our two top-producers. We have set up the big exclusive movie set to record this documentary pf Mikkel´s struggle. iPhone top quality movie camera. Enjoy and send it on to your friends and families.   

søndag den 28. november 2010

This is How We Roll....

Here we go again... nananaa naa naa naa na na na na naaaaaa na

As a starter this is weird...; There haven´t been even one alcoholically drink inside the studio yet...   

We´re still in the studio recording what will be the next SuperCharger album ... And it looks like the hard work is paying off. We are pretty much doing everything in details over and over again. Everything is being analyzed and turned up and down to make sure its need and tight ... But in the end there is no way other than to play hard, rock and roll... 

This week all guitars have been recorded ... The new songs are a big mix of hard-rock songs, rockabilly-songs, rock-songs, country-songs and what-should-we-call-´em-songs, but we still need to record lead guitar tracks and all kinds of other things (more of this in the next blogs). We have now reached a point where we get to know our new material and are presented to the result of few months of work behind us. 

Same same every time... You don´t really know your music till you have almost killed yourself playing it through a computer and recorded it. And we are extremely positively surprised - we hope you´ll be too once it hits the streets.

The hardest part of recording this album is actually the two judges; Anders Ringman and Kristian Thomsen ...
If anyone can tell us how much we suck and then turn it around to make us push the limits; its those two!!! 
Well... push what can be pushed... They aren´t rocket scientists... Its SuperCharger.... ;) 

We still haven´t found a proper album title and we probably won´t till the very end of schedule, but the idea is to have everything finished by mid December, so maybe we should get to it. For now we call it;

"The Next Album from SuperCharger"   
- and the working titles for the track list looks a little like this;
(the list is in random order)

Aim High
Are You Satisfied?
From Another Planet
Heart On Overdrive
Mrs. Ferguson
Redemption Song
Rise and Fall
Rulers of the Day
Sunrise over Reeperbahn
Cold to the Bone
You Disgust Me
#12 (no titel yet!!)

You can also check out the recording for "Sunrise over Reeperbahn"; (don´t know why its up-side down)

SuperCharger recording session 2010   Youtube video

tirsdag den 16. november 2010


Hahaha.... LOL and WTF...!! 
Yes, indeed... SuperCharger has entered a studio (we actually do not know what it is named) - BUT the producer is Mr. Kristian Thomsen (HusH, A Kid Hereafter...and so) and during this last cold month before Christmas and chaos, we have wrapped our feet and selves in thermo socks and with heated beer we will record a 10-15 tracks new album...

At this point we have barely played any of the tracks together in full. We just decided that it was about time for SuperCharger to hand out some new music. None of us really have any patience, so things need to happend now, and it was a little hard making all plans work out with producer, co-producer, bandtime, dinnertime, chuch at sundays and so on, to make it all work out.

We have all kinds of info on titles, tracks and tunes... And the hot bunch & crew we are working with to make this happen... But you´ll have to bite your teeth a little longer.  

But we are there now... We have recorded all drums in only 2-3 days. The usual hard hitting German Benjamin Aus Kiel did a tremendous job as ever, even though we just finished up the last track 2 days before he started recording, and he even had time to come up with some new stuff on the percussion side for some extravagance tracks for this album. 

And Lars Lee Lewis stopped by a night or two and recorded almost 8 tracks of real piano and it really sounds great... There´s a huge difference already in that particular element of our music, but hot-damn it will fill out that wall of sound in the end... Lars has become a fulltime member of SuperCharger since the Handgrenade Blues album, and also literary speaking in the music and the tracks, so you listeners will experience much more of that sweet wooden piano-beating!!   

Well... THIS IS OUR SUPERCHARGER STUDIO BLOG so far...(who is SuperCharger)..?! If you know - tell your friends! 
We will hopefully be able to Blog around on others sites, but till then we hope you will enjoy this one! ENJOY! -and as a last comment; THANK YOU to those of you who showed up Saturday... 
Here´s a taster from last Saturday and some of the new stuff we´re working on.... Make it spin people...  Tell your friends... Re-Post ,  Re-Check, - Reeeeal Rock and Roll...   


mandag den 16. august 2010

How to spend 15.000 DKK in 15 minutes...!

The first story and most important the first blog about a typical SuperCharger incident...

Thursday night in the rehearsal room ("Kronvorten") in Valby, hardly working on some new material for the next SuperCharger album (more on that later) -we got a phone call from our booker Jesper from Beatbox Booking, who is at Skanderborg Festival and just arranged for us to play at Bork Havne Festival the day after. "Can you guys play tomorrow night at 8 p.m.? - its good money and a good festival".

SuperCharger has never ever said no to a gig. There have always been an agreement saying "We play everywhere - Everytime - no matter what". So of course we just answered "yeah we do it.." We haven´t had the number of Festival gigs that we were hoping for this Summer, but none the less a few really good ones...!

Next on the list was to get a hold on Buggi, who was on holiday on Bornholm, a Danish Island south of Sweden. So we started phoning him again and again, but it took us forever to get him to answer. Same thing with Lars, who was on vacation as well, but luckily not that far away from home as Buggi. 

To make this possible we needed to get Buggi from Bornholm to Copenhagen and since we already ok´d the gig there was really no time to spend small-talking about it... Find a plane ticket for the next morning. Of course the ferry was sold out on the only doable crossing to Sweden, so packing his car was out of the question. 
As we discuss this minor problem the time has actually reached 11 in the evening and we didn´t even have a tour bus yet. Everybody have a normal 9-5 job in the morning and we are still in dreamy land that Buggi will grow wings during the night and fly to Copenhagen in time, so we can be on the total opposite end of Denmark at around 5 p.m. - at the latest. Thats a 4 hour drive... and we still don´t know what to drive in...! Plus the best part, that Buggi needs to be back on Bornholm the same night, since his girlfriend is sitting there alone - on vacation - originally with him! 

We tried to find a plane the same night after the concert, but the last take-off was too early for us to finish the concert and to reach the airport in Billund. 
But Mikkel got this great insane idea to contact a friend of his who is a pilot and ask if he could figure something out. Anything to make us play this festival... 

For some far out reason a private airplane and a pilot was suddenly booked and planed to pick up Buggi in Billund Airport 1 hour after our gig, so we could make sure he could get back the same night...! (that is if the pilot could get a landing permit on Bornholm and the weather would allow him to fly...)    

Well... everything is packed up in the rehearsal and everybody goes to bed...! The next morning at about 3 hours before we need to leave Copenhagen, Buggi is still not on an airplane, we still don´t have a bus and half the band are about to get fired for calling in sick or stating that its only gonna be for a few hours at work and then weekend...! 

At around one and a half hour before we were supposed to leave, Buggi finally got a plane ticket and takes off towards Copenhagen... and we actually manage to hit the freeway in time in the end, although we have to drive in a rented Toyota Hi-Ace with the gear and no room for the legs. Best part about that car is that there´s no insulation between the engine-room and the drivers seat, so in about 20 minutes its like sitting in a sauna and impossible to listen to the radio or what anybody are saying, cause at 150 km/t this kind of vehicle is pretty fucking noisy! 

The rest of the band + our sound engineer have to ride with Benji in his 40 year old Volvo Amazon. Someone kind of forgot to tell him that in all this planning, an important part of making it happen, was to be able to use his Volvo for the trip... His only response was that if we made it half the way, he would be impressed...!

Anyway... We did make it to Bork Havne Festival a few hours later and played our gig.

After the concert Buggi got stressed, since there was this little detail about a plane landing within an hour, an hour away from the festival, to take him back to Bornholm. So in huge disagreements and cat fights about who has to drive the Volvo, everybody but Mikkel and Thomas P leave the festival, to try and catch the plane. 15 minutes BEFORE the plane is there... ! No stress..;)

Mikkel and Thomas P hanged out at the festival and hooked up with some funny and friendly people backstage and at around midnight Mikkel ends up on the big stage presenting Kashmir concert, in what some might call "one really well-proportioned booze injection" ... 

The day after we found out that Buggi made it to Billund and caught his privat jet... But he was put down again on dry land ..... IN ROSKILDE!!! (thats just before Copenhagen - but not even close to Bornholm)... and the pilot drove him home from there, since the working people at the landing field on Bornholm got off duty about an hour before Buggi and the pilot could make it there... !! 

...just another day for the 6 of us in SuperCharger,,,! But we made it for the gig and we can all laugh about this day and an dirty amount of money for plane, cars and pilot, in about 10 years... ! 


søndag den 8. august 2010

Welcome to the SuperCharger Rock and Roll story Blog 2010

Loads of people have a blog. Loads of people use their blog - those as well who shouldn't. This is the SuperCharger blog and for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure hearing about SuperCharger or our music - You have come to the right place... (among others)

The reason we have made this blog is that none of our other sites really contain a suitable part for story telling. And that’s what this is about. Tales from the tour bus backseat, from the shows, from the backstage and from a regular rehearsal and about our new ideas and whatever we tend to throw ourselves into! But not as sooooo many other blogs, which contains nothing but nothing…

SuperCharger are the masters of getting into really stupid situations and making the day just a little more complicated than it really had to be. But as soon as you come to accept the fact that it is about the rock and the roll music and the kicks of being a part of the music and the band of course - these stories and situations gets really funny! And we wanna share... ;) - some of them anyway!

This SuperCharger blog will not be updated regularly as some fashion blog or alike… We update when we actually have something to write about and we promise; - IT HAPPENS… ;)