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This is How We Roll....

Here we go again... nananaa naa naa naa na na na na naaaaaa na

As a starter this is weird...; There haven´t been even one alcoholically drink inside the studio yet...   

We´re still in the studio recording what will be the next SuperCharger album ... And it looks like the hard work is paying off. We are pretty much doing everything in details over and over again. Everything is being analyzed and turned up and down to make sure its need and tight ... But in the end there is no way other than to play hard, rock and roll... 

This week all guitars have been recorded ... The new songs are a big mix of hard-rock songs, rockabilly-songs, rock-songs, country-songs and what-should-we-call-´em-songs, but we still need to record lead guitar tracks and all kinds of other things (more of this in the next blogs). We have now reached a point where we get to know our new material and are presented to the result of few months of work behind us. 

Same same every time... You don´t really know your music till you have almost killed yourself playing it through a computer and recorded it. And we are extremely positively surprised - we hope you´ll be too once it hits the streets.

The hardest part of recording this album is actually the two judges; Anders Ringman and Kristian Thomsen ...
If anyone can tell us how much we suck and then turn it around to make us push the limits; its those two!!! 
Well... push what can be pushed... They aren´t rocket scientists... Its SuperCharger.... ;) 

We still haven´t found a proper album title and we probably won´t till the very end of schedule, but the idea is to have everything finished by mid December, so maybe we should get to it. For now we call it;

"The Next Album from SuperCharger"   
- and the working titles for the track list looks a little like this;
(the list is in random order)

Aim High
Are You Satisfied?
From Another Planet
Heart On Overdrive
Mrs. Ferguson
Redemption Song
Rise and Fall
Rulers of the Day
Sunrise over Reeperbahn
Cold to the Bone
You Disgust Me
#12 (no titel yet!!)

You can also check out the recording for "Sunrise over Reeperbahn"; (don´t know why its up-side down)

SuperCharger recording session 2010   Youtube video

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