tirsdag den 7. december 2010

Guitar sounds and finish

We are switching between vocal fills and guitar fills down at the studio these days. Time is really flying by when you´re working hard, but luckily we are just as productive. The details and the music as almost finished songs are great to hear by now and to be able to hear everything loud and clear in pre-mix goes right in the pantyhose. 

We actually should be finishing up by the mid or end of next week, but ... We´ll see. There are still various things that needs to be recorded and we haven´t even started recording the harmonica yet as well as some chorus lines.
But it´ll be fine... 

Next week also includes a photo session for the cover artwork. We have talked to our good friend Jakob Printzlau a k a PlasticKid 
Check his website www.plastickid.dk

... and he will be taking care of all artwork for the new album. Jakob has done some really original art and installation projects, both in videos and general visual works, so we are happy to have him arranging the concept for the new SuperCharger album. 

We should also soon be able to release some more details on both songs and especially title, but for now we´ll hold back on the release period till we know for sure. 

But here you have some more video from the studio, while Buggi´s guitar gently weeps....  

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