søndag den 12. december 2010

NEW SuperCharger Album All Done

Alcohol has finally made its return to the Studio and both our producer and co-producer seems sooooo much more friendly! 

This will probably be the last studio blog on the recording sessions of the new SuperCharger album... Which we still haven´t found out what to call... Even the tracklist is still not in position by numbers. It is quite difficult to settle on a perfect 12 songs long list, which is the best solution for the album... Damn it..;)

But we´re happy happy hippos with the result. Actually we have to wait like a week or so to hear the final mix and master of it, but the pre-mix is good and we expect that on the 17th of December 2010 we will have a new top dolla´ SuperCharger album between our greasy hands...!  


Lars Lee Lewis was the last to record some final details and we did some bar crowd yelling on a few hook lines (as Anders calls them). Those will probably hand the right feeling to the various song parts in the end...

Check out the videos ... We had to split them up into to two parts, but nevertheless some fun ones. 

We are very much looking forward to release this album. This Blog might be updated again with tittle and release info when time comes... But so far the album will be released on the 23rd of March (in Denmark) and our first single will be released already on the 24th of January... !!    -thats good news! 

...and then its time to drink a lot of beer and party harder than 2009 and 2010... New tours will also be posted here and on our FB, MS, HP... bla bla bla... 


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