torsdag den 2. december 2010

Sunrise Over ReeperBahn ...

Here´s a little something acoustic for you. The recordings session of a redneck country track for the new SuperCharger album. Buggi and Tonni P recorded this one live on some mighty fine guitars... 

At the moment and as every day go by its hard work in the studio, but due to the two master minds behind the screens, there are so much progress all the time. This album will both reply to the wicked rock ´n roll heads and to all the other various music lovers. We hope all will find something in these 12 songs that suits their rhythm and rock their socks and panties.       

Today our co-producer Anders Ringman posted the following on his Twitter/Facebook;

The forthcoming SuperCharger album (spring 2011) will surprise a LOT of people. F**kin' rock'n'roll. Pop. Delta blues. Det lyder dejligt.

-the meaning is up to your own interpretation!!! ;)

Hope you´ll enjoy it...  
The intro track "DogTown" by the way is from our debut album Handgrenade Blues

... and some silly pictures...!!!

Kristian Thomsen and Anders Ringman

... and from behind!

Mikkel spitting his guts out behind the glass... 

Takes one to know one!!! ;)

Buggi and his new metal-box with strings...

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